Palms Bet League


1.1 The present General terms and conditions for the use of the product conform to the provisions of Art. 298 of the Commercial Law.

1.2 The special game called “Palms Bet League” is hereby established on the basis of the rules presented in the present document.

1.3 By completing a registration in the “Palms Bet League” game, every user declares that he or she has become aware of, has understood and does not in any way contest and fully accepts all of the provisions of the general terms of use presented further down in the present document. Within the meaning of these general conditions of use the term “use” shall be considered to include are persons having the right of registration.

1.4 The organizer of the “Palms Bet League” game (hereinafter referred to in short as the “GAME”) is TELEMATIC INTERACTIVE BULGARIA OOD, possessing UIC 203127300, with registered office and address of management in the city of Sofia, regn. “Ilinden”, “Kukush” Str. № 7 and e-mail:

1.5 The Organizer has the irrevocable right to terminate the game at any point in time in the event of material abuse, violation of the rules in force or circumstances “force majeure”. In such cases the participants are not entitled to any compensations.


2.1 Registration

The registration in the game includes the process of entering data and information in the central computer system of the organizer by which the user can be identified and the data may include his/her name, surname, family name and nationality, date of birth, the person's identification number (unified personal number, the ID registration number of a foreigner, other ID data as per the requirements of the legislation of the persons who is not a Bulgarian citizen), temporary or permanent address of residence, e-mail address, number and date of issue of the ID, bank account No (or IBAN or account number, name of the bank, country), sex, phone number, and any other information which the user shall voluntarily provide during the registration or when using the services through the website. The information provided by the user can be collected and used by organizer. Should the candidate fail or refuse to provide the required personal data and information the organizer may refuse the registration.

In the event of appearing doubts that the user's identity information is not sufficient or authentic, the organizer may require additional proof of his/her identity or to refuse to complete the registration. At any point in time the organizer has the right to request from the user to identify him/herself and to certify the authenticity of each of the personal data and circumstances submitted during the registration process.

By registering, the user declares that he or she has reached the age of 18 and is entitled to participate in the game as per all currently valid legislative requirements regarding the participation in online gambling games, including the country whose citizen he or she is or the country on the territory of which the IP address from which the registration was made is currently located as well as that the provided information is true and accurate and that the declarer is aware of the present terms and conditions, accepts them and undertakes the obligation to abide by them.

In the event of changes the user shall be obligated to immediately update the submitted information.

In the event that the information contains false or incomplete data or if it is not updated after the occurrence of changes in its contents, the organizer has the right to cancel the registration immediately and without prior notice.

Within the meaning of the Gambling act, “Palms Bet League” is a gambling game.

When participating in the “Palms Bet League”, registered users are not entitled to use paid and free bonuses.

2.2 Conditions for participating in the game

2.2.1 The minimum stake with which the user may join the GAME is BGN 5.

2.2.2 The maximum stake with which the user may join the GAME is BGN 500.

2.3 A single user may participate in an unlimited number of leagues

2.4 The winner shall win 80% of the total prize pool in the respective league.

2.4.1 The League's total prize pool is determined by the number of participants and the sum of the total deposit made.


Team size

A team of fifteen (15) shall include:

• 2 Goalkeepers

5 Defenders

• 5 Midfielders

• 3 Forwards


The starting budget of the game is BGN 10,000

Team players

A participant may select up to 3 players from each team in the First professional league.


The GAME is played in the regular 26 championship rounds of and the playoff phase; playoffs for dropping out are not included.

The starting lineup of 11

Of the 15 players, 11 starters must be selected for the first round.

All points in the round will be scored/won by these 11 players, but if one or more of them can’t play, they may be automatically replaced.

A team can play in any formation, provided that at any point in time the formation includes: 1 goalkeeper, at least 3 defenders and 2 forwards.

Possible lineups:

4-4-2, 5-3-2, 3-5-2, 4-3-3, 3-4-3

Captain and vice-captain

Of the starting 11, a captain and vice-captain must be selected. The captain's points shall be doubled.

If the captain does not play in the round, he will be replaced by the vice-captain.

If the vice-captain also does not play in the round, then none of the players will get doubled points.

Automatic substitution rules.

Substitutions ensure security in unforeseen events - such as injuries. They automatically replace the starters who will not play in the round.

Depending on the order of the substitute, which shall be determined before the round, the automatic substitutions are to be processed at the end of the round as follows:

If the goalkeeper does not take part in the round, he shall be replaced by the backup goalkeeper. If both goalkeepers do not play in the round no points shall be scored.

If a field player does not play in the round he will be replaced by the first available substitute playing that identical post in the entire round (for example, if the starting lineup has 3 defenders a defender can be substituted only by another defender).


Once a team is selected, players can be bought and sold on the transfer market.

After the end of each round a free transfer for the upcoming round is being granted. Each additional transfer, made within the same round, shall deducts 4 points from the total score.

General Result

If no free transfer is used, an additional free transfer can be made during the next round. In the event that this spared free transfer is not made use of during the next round it will be carried forward until used. There can never be more than 1 reserved transfer (maximum two free transfers per round).


During the football season, the players will receive points based on their performance in the real world matches between their teams in the First professional league as follows:



Up to 60 minutes into the game


Up to 60 minutes or more into game


For each goal scored by a GOALKEEPER


For each goal scored by the DEFENDER


For each goal scored by a MIDFIELDER


For each goal scored by FORWARDER


For each assistance


For an empty net by a GOALKEEPER


For an empty net by a DEFENDER


For an empty net by a MIDFIELDER


For every three saves by a GOALKEEPER


For each penalty kick saved by a GOALKEEPER


For each missed penalty kick




For every 2-nd goal lost by a GOALKEEPER or a DEFENDER


For each yellow card


For each red card


For each own goal


Empty net

An empty net shall be awarded for not conceding a goal while the football player is on the field and plays for at least 60 minutes.

If a football player is substituted after 60 minutes and his team concedes a goal, this will not effect the Empty net bonus.

Red card

If a football player receives a red card, he will continue to get penalties for the goals conceded by his team during the current match.

If a football player receives two yellow cards and, respectively, a red card the participant shall be deprived of points only for the red card.

If a football player receives a yellow card and an immediate red card, the participant in the gambling game shall be deprived of points both for the yellow and for the red card.


• Assistances are awarded to a player who makes the last pass before a goal is scored. An assistance is awarded whether or not there is a rebound after the pass, a cleared ball, or a contact with a player from the opposing team.

If a shot in the direction of the goal is blocked by an opponent, is then saved by the goalkeeper or hits the crossbar and, after an additional last shot a goal is being scored the assistance will be awarded to the player making that last shot.

If, as a result from a shot the opponent makes an OWN GOAL, the assistance will be awarded to the player who has made the shot.

  • In the event of an awarded PENALTY or a FREE KICK, the player who was awarded with the penalty or the free kick will get an assistance. If a given goal is scored by the player awarded with the penalty or the free kick, NO ASSISTANCE will be awarded.


The points won for assistantces, awarded in the course of the GAME, are calculated with the inclusion of additional statistical data which may differ considerably from other sites. For example, there are some sites which will not display assistances for a player awarded with penalty or a free kick.

The points scored for all other statistical data are taken from, which is the official site of the Bulgarian Football Union (BFS, Bul.) and the information contained therein is entered and verified by the BFS delegates attending the matches.

For the avoidance of any doubt whatsoever, all of the points awarded in the game may be changed within one hour after the fulltime whistle of the last match in any one day. After updating all of the points for the day, no additional point adjustments shall be made.

In a league with the General Score, teams are ranked based on the total number of points.

In the event of an equal number of points scored by two or more teams, the points scored during the last round shall be taken into consideration.