HOT LUCK is a 3-levels Jackpot with additional winnings, which are determined by the HOT LUCK scale

Winnings with the HOT LUCK scale:

The HOT LUCK scale is located on the right side of the slot game. With each bet, the scale rises until it reaches the top. At this point the player enters the HOT LUCK active mode and a sign ACTIVE appears at the bottom of the scale which indicates that the mode is on.

In the ACTIVE mode multitude of cash winnings are distributed on random base. The winnings depend on the number of players at that particular moment and the mode ends when all winnings are distributed. 

The sign ACTIVE disappears and the HOT LUCK scale goes back at the bottom. Even if the ACTIVE mode is on, the other 3 levels of the HOT LUCK jackpot could be won.

The HOT LUCK Jackpot is only for CT Gaming casino games at the site!

Jackpot with 3 levels HOT LUCK:

When playing for HOT LUCK Jackpot the player can enter a special bonus screen and play for one of the three jackpot levels. The higher is the player`s bet, the more likely is to enter the bonus screen. There are 30 gold tiles in it and the player must make a choice. If there is a symbol on the selected tile that corresponds to one of the jackpot levels, the symbol is moved to the top of the screen, where the name of the corresponding jackpot level is displayed. When collecting 4 tiles with the same symbols, the player wins the corresponding level of the jackpot and the bonus screen closes.

Jackpot Cards

Jackpot Cards has four mystery jackpot levels. Each level is displayed with one of the four different suit of playing cards.

#1st level
#2nd level
#3rd level
#4th level

Each one of the jackpot levels can be won during the bonus mystery game Jackpot Cards, which starts at random, once completed the main game, and to gather all stemming from her profits. 

The player chooses from 12 face-down cards until he turns 3 cards of the same suit. Mystery level matching the cards suit will be earned from the Jackpot Cards. The amount of the bonus is equal to the amount accumulated until the conversion of the last-matched suit of the card indicated on the right of each character.

Every time the player entered the bonus game Jackpot Cards he has a real chance of winning the highest mystery jackpot level, regardless of the size of the valid for the bonus game bet with which he is playing.

The current value of the Jackpot is displayed in the user interface of each game participating in its formation.

Valid bets: 0.01 BGN - 1 000.00 BGN

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