Whether it's YOU or your loved one, valid statements will help you assess gambling behavior. Mark the valid statement from each line:

• I set a limit on my betting money and stop when I reach it
•  I spend more money on bets than I plan or want
• I do not lose track of time
• I spend more time than planned in the game
• Sometimes I think about gambling
• Sometimes I think about gambling
• I stop playing when I lose
• I play to regain what I lost
• To reduce my financial difficulties, I do not play
• I play to solve my financial difficulties
• Gambling is just one of my ways to have fun
• Gambling is my most important form of entertainment
• I play for fun
• I play to reduce stress or escape my problems
• I play with friends and communicate with them
• Playing alone
• I know that my actions can hurt other people's feelings
• I don't think my game affects others

If all the answers are in the left column - Great! You have complete control over your gambling behavior and find gambling fun. There is no risk of unreasonable gambling or gambling problems. Enjoy the game. Good luck!

→ If 1 to 4 actions are marked in the right column - Your bets are controlled. You have no problems with your game behavior, but you need to think about the risky actions that are valid for you and stick to the planned betting funds. Remember that gambling is a form of entertainment!

→ If 5 to 7 actions are marked in the right column - You must be careful and pay attention to your playing behavior. There is a lot of risk in your game and you may sometimes play unwisely. Consider setting a monthly game budget that you should not exceed. Read more on tips for dealing with betting problems.

→ If 8 or more actions are marked in the right column - You have problems with your game behavior. You need to rethink your bets. You need to stick to a budget that you can afford to lose, as well as seek help from someone you trust. Solving the problems of unreasonable play is not a process that happens instantly and you may encounter difficulties, but you should not give up. This does not necessarily mean that you should stop playing, but you should regain control of the game, the desire to win and the means to achieve it. Read more tips that you can find below - we will be happy to help.


If you find that you have problems or are at risk of problems related to your gambling behavior, you can first help yourself.