Additional Rules

"PalmsBet Bookmaker" (here and after Bookmaker Company) accepts bets according to these terms and conditions of accepting bets and payments (here and after Terms and Conditions) from an individual (here and after - Customer) over 18 years old.
Terms and Conditions of Bookmaker Company determine an order of betting in terms of bets accepting, winning payout, adjustment of disputes, details of betting on a variety sports and events.
Terms and Conditions regulate any other relations between the parties: Bookmaker Company and Customer according to legislation of jurisdiction where Bookmaker Company operates.

1.1 - Bookmaker Company.
1.2 Customer is an individual who places bets in the Bookmaker Company.
1.3 Wager is an agreement between the Bookmaker Company and the Customer based on risk according to Terms and Conditions. The outcome of the agreement depends on the event. To wager Customer should place a bet according to the Terms and Conditions.
1.4 Line is a list of events and their outcomes with betting odds offered by Bookmaker Company.
1.5 Outcome is the result of the event on which Bookmaker Company offers to place a bet.
1.6 Stake is an amount that Customer passes to Bookmaker Company to place a bet.
1.7 Betting Shop is a location where Customer can place a bet offline
1.8 Ticket is a paper, received in a Betting Shop, that confirms placed bet(-s). A Ticket can be made using a self- service kiosk or at a cashier.
1.9 Event is a sports or other kind of event (match, league, race, competition etc.) with unknown beforehand result, offered for betting.
1.10 Electronic System - a complex of Internet-resources and the software, allowing Customers to place, and Bookmaker Company to accept bets.
1.11 Betting odd is a number in the line. Winning amount is calculated based on the number.
1.12 Bet result (win, loss, void) is determined by the outcome of an event according to the Terms and Conditions.
1.13 Winning odd is a number that equals: to the betting odd if the bet is won, to 1 if the bet is void, to 0 if the bet is lost.

2.1 The Terms and Conditions come in force on 08/02/2019.
2.2 The Bookmaker Company accepts bets on sports and other events that take place all over the world.
2.3 Bets placing, registering of an account and access to Electronic System are allowed only for the individuals accepted Terms and Conditions.
2.4 The Customer is responsible for violation of age limit.
2.5 The Customer is allowed to "cash out" a bet. "Cash out" allows to settle the bet immediately when its result is unknown. If the Customer accepts terms of "cash out" and confirms it, he receives offered amount of money to his account. "Cash out" unavailable for some bets.
2.6 The Bookmaker Company reserves the right to itself to refuse the bet acceptance from any individual without an explanation.
2.7 If there are any evidences of unfair play the Bookmaker Company reserves right to block payouts for the bets on the event until the investigation finishes.
2.8 Information about changing in the Terms and Conditions is available using one of the following methods: with notification via e-mail (specified at registration), in the Terms and Conditions section on the Bookmaker Company web-site, in the notes on the information stand in betting shops. After the declaration of entry into force date of the reconsidered points of the Terms And Conditions - further use of the Bookmaker Company services by the Customer will be considered as the default acceptance of the reconsidered points by the Customer; irrespectively if the Customer is familiarized with the corresponding notice of the Terms and Conditions' modification or not. The bets accepted since specified dates correspond to the changed the Terms and Conditions. Conditions of earlier placed bets remain invariable.
2.9 The Customer is responsible for the keeping privacy of his login and password. In case of Customer's login or password becomes known to the third parties, it is necessary to inform the Bookmaker Company administration.
2.10 The Bookmaker Company does not bear responsibility for technical malfunctions of the equipment that is not direct Bookmaker Company's property.
2.11 The bet settlement base and winnings appraisal are only results of events declared by the Bookmaker Company only. Sources for getting such results are official sites of organizations, carrying out sport competitions, and official data, receiving directly from the sport federation representatives. Bookmaker's office has the right to use alternative sources of information (for example, sites of clubs, leagues and tournaments, independent sites of results and sport statistics, video broadcast), also information from personal representative on the match. Results, announced by other Bookmaker's offices, are not the basis for the bets calculation. All claims regarding the results of the events, start date and time are considered with official documents of corresponding sports federations only.
2.12 All controversial questions are accepted within 15 calendar days from the time of bet settled.
2.13 Every registered Customer allowed caring out one account only. Each registered Customer is prohibited to repeat the registration as a new person (using a new name, the new e-mail box address etc.). In the case of violation of this point Bookmaker Company administration reserves the right to block such (repeatedly registered) account for the investigation and cancel all the placed bets (winnings) in a confirmed case of the fact's registration repetition.
2.14 Placed bets are not subjects to change or void, except the cases described in present Terms and Conditions.
2.15 The Bookmaker Company has the right to limit specific Customer's maximum stake on separate events, and also to limit or raise the maximum stake, without notice and explanations of the reasons. Acceptance of repeated bets on same outcome or a combination of outcomes from the same Customers can be also limited due to the Bookmaker Company's decision. 2.16 The minimum stake on website is 0.50 BGN (or equivalent in the other currency) in betting shop it is determined */?> individually.
2.17 The maximum payout shall be 100,000 BGN on any given ticket.
2.18 The Bookmaker Company reserves the right to close any account immediately and void any bets placed from such an account if it is established that: at the moment of making a bet, the Customer had information about the result of the event, the Customer had an opportunity to influence the result of the event by being a direct participant of the match (sportsmen, referees, coaches, etc.) or a person acting on behalf of a direct participant of the match, the Customer is suspected of using specialized software or technical means allowing automation of the betting process.
2.19 The Customer has no rights to allow betting account usage by the third parties.
2.20 The Bookmaker Company does not recommend two or several customers to register or place a bet from the same IP address (from one computer or from one local network) as these operations may be considered as an arranged game and as a transfer of the account's control to third party. It is necessary to agree the game with Bookmaker Company in such cases. Verification process is a personal meeting with Bookmaker Company representative or a connection with the Customer by other means (online connection, phone call etc.). For verification the Customer should demonstrate original identification paper (ID, passport), payment card (if it was used for deposit), may be another documents by Bookmaker Company's demand. The account can be blocked until the verification process is finished. If the Customer resigns verification, Bookmaker Company reserves the right to void all bets at the account return money from the account to the Customer.
2.21 In case of fraud related to the financial operations and bet acceptance concerning Bookmaker Company, the Bookmaker Company reserves the right to itself to break such roguish actions by undertaking the following actions: void all bets, applicant refusal during the registration and cancelation of any existing customer's betting accounts at any time, carrying out verification process of the account's owner, in case of repeated registration fact's confirmation (including using new login), BC administration reserves the right to itself to invalidate the bets placed from this account, irrespective to the bet's time, appeal to the law enforcement agencies upon commission of roguish actions by certain Customer.
2.22 The Bookmaker Company is not responsible for preservation of tickets and tickets PIN numbers in the cases of lose or theft.
2.23 The disputable cases which have not been described in the Terms and Conditions are considered by the Bookmaker Company individually.

2.24. Although every effort is made to ensure that information displayed on site to regards to an event is correct, it is to be used as a guide only. In the event any particular information (text error, time of game etc) being incorrect we assume no liability for this. 

3.1 Single Bet (Single) is a bet on separate event's outcome. Single Bet payout equals to the product of the stake and the winning odd.
3.2 Accumulator (Combo) is a bet on few independent event outcomes. The Accumulator payout equals to the product of the stake and all the winning odds in the Accumulator. If one of the outcomes loses, the Accumulator also loses. Void outcomes in the Accumulator considered with winning odd 1.
3.3 System is a bet on full combination of certain size Accumulators from selected number of events. Maximum number of events in the System is 10. System payout equals to the sum the Accumulators payouts of the System.
We place a system bet on the following outcomes:
# Event Outcome Odd Result
1 Arsenal - Chelsea W1 3,60 3 - 1
2 Real Madrid - Barcelona Han1(-0.5) 1,90 2 - 0
3 Man Utd – Hull City Han2(0) 1,90 5 - 0
4 Williams W. - Sharapova M. W2 1,85 2 - 0
Stake: BGN 6000
To calculate the payout we have to execute the following calculations:
1) For the system 2 of 4 consistion of outcomes 1-4 we will get the following combinations: outcome 1 + outcome 2, outcome 1 + outcome 3, outcome 1 + outcome 4, outcome 2 + outcome 3, outcome 2 + outcome 4, outcome 3 + outcome 4. So, the system 2 of 4 equals to six accumulators by two outcomes each:
# Accumulator Outcome Odd
A Arsenal - Chelsea W1 3,60
Real Madrid - Barcelona Han1(-0.5) 1,90
B Arsenal - Chelsea W1 3,60
Man Utd – Hull City Han2(0) 1,90
C Arsenal - Chelsea W1 3,60
Williams W. - Sharapova M. W2 1,85
D Real Madrid - Barcelona Han1(-0.5) 1,90
Man Utd – Hull City Han2(0) 1,90
E Real Madrid - Barcelona Han1(-0.5) 1,90
Williams W. - Sharapova M. W2 1,85
F Man Utd – Hull City W2(0) 1,90
Williams W. - Sharapova M. W2 1,85
Consider outcome 1 (Arsenal - Chelsea) and outcome 2 (Real Madrid - Barcelona) won and outcome 3 (Man Utd – Hull City) and outcome 4 (Williams W. - Sharapova М.) lost. So, in the system accumulator A won, containing of outcomes 1 and 2.
Calculation of the stake sum for one option: devide stake (6000 у.е.) into the number of system accumulators (6).
Get BGN 1000. So, stake for one accumulator is BGN 1000.
Payout calculation for accumulator A. It is necessary to multiply betting odds: 3.6 и 1.9. 3.6 x 1.9 = 6.84. Then multiply in on the stake BGN 1000 : 6.84 x 1000 = BGN 6840.
5) Total payout for the system: we have to summarize payouts of each accumulator A + B + C + D + E+ F.
In this case accumulator A payout is BGN 6840 and for the others is BGN 0.
Total payout is: 6840 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = BGN 6840.
3.4 Conditional bet is a chain of simple bets (single, express or system). Peculiarity of such bet is in that, only the first part of the bet (main) is payable, and money on other (conditional) bets, are taken from the price of the first part bet in percentage ratio. Percent of the conditional bet is set by the participant of the wager (player, client). If all main part losses, all conditionals also lose. If for any reasons the price of the main part is not big enough to pay at least one conditional bet, all conditional bets, are excluded from the card (i.e. price on the main bet is paid).
3.5. Antiaccumulator Bet (Lose-to-Win accumulator)is a bet on a set of independent outcomes. The bet wins if one of selected outcomes loses. Return of Antiaccumulator is equal to the product of winning odd and the stake. The odd of the
Antiaccumulator is calculated automatically proportional to the actual accumulator's winning odd.
Example: BGN 10.000 is bet on the Antiaccumulator consisting of 3 events with the following odds: 1.35, 1.20, 1.07. The system-calculated winning odds on the Antiaccumulator is 1.90. If at least one of the selected outcomes lose, the payout will be BGN 19,000.

4.1 3-way result (FULLTIME RESULT) means that bets are accepted on the first team to win (denote "W1"); draw (denote "X") or the second team to win (denote "W1"). The bet is considered as “win” if the match outcome is correctly predicted.
4.2 Double chance. The following options are available: "1X" - if the result is either a home or draw then bets on this option are winners. "X2" if the result is either a draw or away then bets on this option are winners. "12" - if the result is either a home or away then bets on this option are winners. If a match is played at a neutral venue the team listed first is deemed the home team for betting purposes.
4.3 2-way result (To WIN MATCH). Bet on the first team to win (denote "W1") or the second team to win (denote "W2") in the event, where draw is not impossible.
4.4 Handicap is an advantage or a lag of a team (player, racer etc.) in terms of goals (pucks, points, seconds etc.) which is determined by Bookmaker Company for the bet. There are 2 types of handicaps:
4.4.1 Handicap (2-way with two values). It contains two possible outcomes that are denoted "Han1", "Han2" - value of handicap of the first and the second teams correspondently; "Odd1", "Odd2" - odds for the first and the second teams correspondently. To determine the winner for this handicap it is necessary to add the chosen handicap value to the chosen team goals. If after addition the result is in chosen team favor, the bet considered as won. If the result is draw the bet is void. Otherwise, the bet is lost.
4.4.2 European handicap (3-way). This market contains 3 outcomes. The outcomes denoted like "W1", "Х", "W2". European handicap value denote like "Han-0" or "0-Han". To determine the result of the handicap it is necessary to add its value to the game result. If after addition the first teams has more points wins then outcome "W1" wins, if number of goals is equal, then "Х" outcome wins, if the second team has more point "W2" outcome wins.
4.5 Total denotes a bet on quantity of the scored goals (the thrown pucks, etc.) during a match. The correct forecast is required to get the winnings: is there over ">" or under "<" goals scored in a match. Individual teams (players) total is a bet on quantity of the scored goals (the thrown pucks, etc.) in a match by one of teams (or by a competition's player). To get a winnings it is necessary to specify correctly if there is over ">" or under "<" scored goals in a match by the specified team (or the player).
4.6 Total even/odd. Denotes "even/odd". It is necessary to predict if the number of goals (pucks etc.) scored in the match is even or odd. Result with total goals equal to 0 is even.
4.7 Asian handicap and total.
4.7.1 These types of bets represent bets on a team victory including handicaps or a match total including the handicaps (total) value, divisible by 0.25 (but not divisible by 0.5). This bet is being settled as two stakes of a half sum each, with identical Odds, and with the closest values “regular handicaps" and "regular totals" (divisible by 0.5).
4.7.2 During market's settlement - both stake halves are considering independently. The following options of stake settlements are possible: The bet has completely won. Both bet "halves" satisfy the winnings conditions; The bet has completely lost. Both bet "halves" do not satisfy the winnings conditions; "Half" of a bet has lost, half voids; "Half" of a bet has won half voids.
4.7.3 Examples of bets on Asian handicap and total.
Example 1:
Let's bet BGN 100,000 on Man Utd to win with Asian handicap +0.75 for 2.00. The bet consists of 2 bets: Man Utd to win with handicap +0.5 for 2.00 with stake BGN 50,000 and +1 for 2.00 with stake BGN 50000.
Available options:
Man Utd to win - payout BGN 200,000,
Draw - payout BGN 200,000,
Loss with 1 goal difference - payout BGN 50,000 ("second half" of the bet returns),
Loss with 2 and more goals - loss.
Example 2:
Let's bet BGN 100,000 on Hull City to win with Asian handicap -0.25 for 2.00. The bet consists of 2 bets: Hull City to win with handicap -0.5 for 2.00 with stake BGN 50,000 and 0 for 2.00 with stake BGN 50,000.
Available options:
Hull City to win - payout BGN 200,000,
Draw - payout BGN 50,000 ("second half" of the bet returns),
Hull City to lose - loss.
Example 3:
Let's bet BGN 100,000 on Arsenal to win with Asian handicap -0.75 for 2.00. The bet consists of 2 bets: Arsenal to win with handicap -1 for 2.00 with stake BGN 50,000 and -0.5 for 2.00 with stake BGN 50,000.
Available options:
Arsenal to win with 2 or more goals difference - payout BGN 200,000,
Arsenal to win with 1 goal difference - payout BGN 150,000 (one “half” wins, one returns),
Draw - loss,
Arsenal to lose - lose.
Example 4:
Let's bet BGN 100,000 in event Arsenal - Chelsea total over 2.25 for 2.00. The bet consists of 2 bets: Total over 2 for 2.00 with stake BGN 50,000 and over 2.5 for 2.00 with stake BGN 50,000.
Available options:
Total 3+ goals - payout BGN 200,000,
Total exactly 2 goals - payout BGN 50,000 ("first half" of the bet returns),
Total 1 and 0 goals - loss.
4.8 Result/total. To win the bet both conditions pointed in the outcome should be satisfied. "W1" - the first team to win, "W2" - the second team to win, "Х" - Draw, "Тo" - total over, "Тu" - total under. For example, if the bet placed on W1Tu2.5, it wins if the event finishes with the first team won and total under 2.5.
4.9 Race to X points in the event. Either team must win X ponts for bets to stand.
4.10 "To qualify" bets means to predict the team qualifying to the next stage of a league (tournament etc.). The bets based on the results of all events played.
4.11 Ante-Post Sports bets. Bookmaker Company offer to bet on the events that will be settled in a long time. For example, outrights for leagues, competitions, shows etc. The finishing position of competitors or teams at the end of a scheduled programme of matches will determine placings with no allowances for play-offs, subsequent enquiries or point deductions by the respective leagues. Time displayed for these events is only for information (usually it shows time of beginning of the upcoming round, stage etc.) and can be changed. Bookmaker Company does not accept requests to void the bets based on incorrect displayed time.
4.12 The Bookmaker Company can also offer another type bets.

5.1 It is allowed to place single, accumulator, antiexpress and system bets in-play.
5.2 In-play bets are not subject to void, excluding cases described in Terms and Conditions.
5.3 The time display shown as an indicator during in-play betting serves. The bookmaker company takes no responsibility for the correctness of the displayed information like score or time.
5.4 If there are some reasons (such as there is no translation, there are no exact results, absence of exact data on a course match, there is no official protocol on match's result, results of events cannot be established, etc.) lead to unequivocally to establish results of an event during 48 hours, the accepted bets on this event are subject to void.
5.5 The complaints against the in-play bets would be accepted no later than 24 hours after event's actual occurring time.

6.1 To void a bet means to settle it based on winning odd 1 (one).
6.2 The bets are subject to void in following cases:
6.2.1 The bet placed after the actual event had started. Except in-play events.
6.2.2 Betting odds contain obvious misprints, appreciably differ from the odds at world market or the betting odds are wrong considering their probabilities.
6.2.3 In-play bet was placed on predetermined outcome. For example, the bets accepted on total under/over 1.5 when match score is 2-0.
6.2.4 The event was postponed, abandoned or not happened at the specified time and was brought forward for more than 48 hours (bets on completed parts of the game will be settled), excluding the bets pointed in 6.6 and 6.7.
6.2.5 The participant refused to participate prior to the beginning of the match.
6.2.6 The final decision about bets to void in other cases due to not begun / not ended event is up to Bookmaker Company.
6.3 When settle the bets real start date and time taken into account only. The events' start date and time specified in the line are for information only. Incorrectly specified date is not the cause for the bets to void.
6.4 If "cash out" (determined in 2.5) was conducted after the result of the bet had been known, this "cash out" operation will be cancelled. The bet will be settled according to the event result.
6.5 If the result of finished event was changed or cancelled because of any reason (team disqualification, refereeing, match conditions disturbances etc.) unsettled bets will not be void. The bets will be settled on the result that was published after the event.
6.6 If a tennis, badminton, table tennis, beach volleyball, beach handball or squash match is interrupted, incomplete that day and suspended, the bets on it will stand till the end of the tournament within the bounds of which this match runs, until the match is played to its end or one of the players refuses to play.
6.7 If the event was not finished according to the sports rules (a team was forfeited, disorders on venue etc.) the bets with unambiguously determined results will be settled only. This point applicable for the following sports only: soccer, basketball, handball, bandy, field hockey, ice hockey, beach soccer, tennis, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, beach volleyball, snooker, rugby.
Example 1: if football match home team was forfeited on 60th minute and the match score was 1-0, 0.5 match total and 0.5 home team total will be settled according to 1-0 score, the other total bets on the match will void.
Example 2: in the event of retirement in single tennis event, played according to best of 3 rule with tiebreaker sets, with score 6-3 in the first set and 3-2 in the second set the following rules will be applied for bets settlement: all first set bets will be settled according to 6-3 first set score; Bets on the second set total Under/Over 6.5 and 7.5 are settled as losers/winners respectively, since any natural conclusion to the set would have at least 8 games. Bets on the other second set totals are void; Handicap/Second Player Handicap -5.5/+5.5 and -4.5/+4.5 are settled as losers/winners respectively, since any natural conclusion to the set would have at least 4 games advantage for the first player or 3 games advantage for the second player . Bets on the other second set handicaps are void; Similarly the other bets on the event are settled.
6.8 There are cases (not described before) when Bookmaker Company allows to place a bet on mistaken betting odds, which were not changed on time due to technical reasons (when a goal was scored, a point was scored etc.). In these cases the final decision on voiding the bets Bookmaker Company makes, but It oblige to apply principles of fairness and justice.