What is a FreeBet?

A FreeBet entitles you to place a bet at our expense! Select your bet, we pay the stake and you keep the winnings to the extent they exceed the stake. e.g.

You place your 100 FreeBet at odds of 2.50: if your selection wins, you get 250 (stake of 100 x odds of 2.5 = 250, minus 100 = 150) without any risk on your side.

FreeBet is available only on Sport or LIVE section.
* If the event have status VOID, the freebet amount is expired.

1.1 How to place bet?
To place bet you have to active freebet option.
You can find it on top right side in section Sport and Live.

You must click on checkbox button.

1.2  After that select event and enter amount.

1.3 If you want to make combo bet, select event who want ot bet and click place bet button.